Elias Reining Horses is owned and managed by William B and Elias Reining
Both professionals in the medical field, they have a passion for horses.

“Having boarded at numerous barns over the years we can relate to the worries of owners, and the care we wish to have for our own horses. Rest assured your horse will have his/her proper blanket on, will be brought in when the weather turns nasty, and will be looked at everyday with a keen horseman’s eye to make sure that his/her overall health is exactly right. If your horse is “out of sorts” or injured, we will bring it to your attention as soon as care has been provided and contact can be made.
We plan to cater to our clients’ individual training, education and competition desires by hosting high quality clinics and shows for all disciplines.
“Contact us today to place your name on our waiting list for the next available stall.”

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