November 5, 2016 William B


When was the last time you wore a watch? I don’t see many young people wearing them these days, their functionality seems to have been rendered obsolete since our phones are everpresent within the radius of our elbows. When I do see folks wearing them, it seems to be a very deliberate choice. While they used to seem ubiquitous, watches have (in my observation) taken on a kind of refined or classic aesthetic. Does the most interesting man in the world wear a watch? Absolutely.


I haven’t worn a watch in probably two decades and until today, I never fancied myself wearing one again. I have sort of a traumatic history with them; the faces of my favorites were always smashed brutally or they just evaporated right off of my wrist. One way or another things always ended poorly between us, and certainly worse for the watch. Nowadays, I pretty much only wear accessories that are resilient enough to survive my general tornado-self and that would have to be pried off of my body with serious effort (and maybe a little melted butter).

The Horse, A collection of classic leather footwear, timepieces and hand crafted accessories designed in Sydney, Australia – has made me want to wear a watch again. Their designs are fantastic, and the name of the brand just adds to the appeal. I am a sucker for anything done in chestnut color leather. My purse, favorite heels, belts, and “someday” riding boots are all chestnut brown.

Check’em out. The matte grey face has a certain boldness and masculinity to it. It’s my favorite with the rose gold coming in a close second.

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