October 30, 2016 William B

Horse Property Tip

When buying a horse property, it is important to utilize the services of a Realtor or agent who is familiar with horses and their environments. So often agents do not believe that there is any distinction between selling horse properties or houses in-town. Many of them are not sure of the difference between a round pen and a square peg. Having a specialist on your side can make a huge difference to both the neophyte horse owner and the professional horseperson when they go to buy property.


The property aspects that agents should help their clients evaluate are, for the most part, clearly defined in EquestrianLIVING’s web site listing information. The type of soil, the size of stalls and arenas, the water source and waste disposal system, access to trail systems, among so many other things, are all critical components that affect the suitability of a property for a horse owner’s intended use.

When agents speak “horse”, it will save you time and help you avoid mistakes. Their familiarization with the key elements that create value for horse property buyers is a total benefit because they know the right questions to ask. Marketing sites like EquestrianLIVING assist even non-horse property agents in asking those questions of their sellers, improving their skill level greatly. This allows equestrians to sort-out appropriate properties to view much faster. That’s a win-win!

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