October 21, 2016 William B

Equestrians Singles

The aim for many single animal and horse lovers is to find a partner who shares their passion and interests. This may not seem like a big deal for some people but for those whose animals play a big part in their lives and spend a lot of their time with their animals a partner who dislikes animals or resents the amount of time they take up will lead to a fractious relationship. Horses in particular take up a huge amount of time needing to be cleaned out, groomed, fed, watered ridden and exercised daily. Some partners will be jealous of all this time and devotion, however having a partner who shares your love of horses will not only mean you have a shared interest but can spend time together with horses. Single horse lovers find they have much more in common with other like minded people, but where to find them?


Obviously horse shows and competitions are primary venues for equestrians and horse lovers to meet. Many communities have local horse shows and events and there are many local horse groups which hold regular meetings and events. These events provide many opportunities for horse lovers to meet and mingle.

Unfortunately these are often competitive events and so it is often difficult to find love. Horse riding is highly competitive. Such competition often puts a dampener on any romantic feelings in such an arena.

There are websites where horse lovers can meet other single like minded people and men and women can chat. These online dating websites have been responsible for many couples finding true love. The site works by asking singles to sign on and register their details to create a profile. Or if you have a webcam you can include a video message and or photo. This profile is added to the site database which other members can browse. If a member is interested in a particular person they can send messages and possibly arrange to meet in person if things go well.

Apart from this regular online dating service some sites offer match making services. This involves using you profile and other information you provide to find other members who may be a perfect match. Once they have found a potential match they will arrange a meeting or a date.

Some websites are more like social networking sites allowing those who have an interest in horses can meet to chat, exchange ideas and discuss their passion. Upcoming events, competitions and shows are posted on the site allowing people to know what horse events are going on in their area. These sites contain forums and chat rooms which provide ample opportunities for people to meet and interact.

A word of warning it is very important to think carefully before giving out personal details over the internet. Details like home and work addresses should never be given until you are sure you trust the other person. Unfortunately there is no real way of knowing that the person you are talking to is who they say they are or what their intentions are. It is entirely up to your own personal judgment when and to whom you reveal your details. Trust your instincts and take into account any details you gather as this is all you have to go on. If something in your gut doesn’t quite trust them then it is best to avoid giving personal information and possibly cease contact altogether. It is important to be attentive and investigate the background of the other person as far as possible.

Like horses that need to be fed and nurtured so do relationships. Both have their own specific needs and meeting equestrian singles is just the beginning of a relationship. Relationships require work and if you want a deeper meaning full relationship you have to put in the effort. It is important to keep trying, keep looking, and you will find that perfect someone to share your love with.

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