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Equestrian Equipment

There are many people who are extremely fond of their pets, from cats and dogs to horses. Ranches are common across the world. Though many horses are kept for work (either for pleasure riding, sports, agricultural or other kinds of work) the fondness of owners for their working horses is often just as great. As beginners to rearing and raising a horse seek formal training, they seek to become fully fledges equestrians also. A vital part of this training includes becoming familiar with various pieces of horse equipment and their proper use. Two basic pieces of equipment you will need to know about early on are the horse walker and horse tack.


Horse walker for equestrian exercise

For the serious equestrian a horse walker is an essential and extremely important tool. So what are the many benefits a horse walker brings to your horse care regime? A walker is a piece of equipment which helps you to save time when exercising your horse, practicing or helping them to cool down after a hard day’s ride. Horse walkers can be used for a variety of reasons; walkers are also useful in halter breaking and gentle exercise when recovering after illness or injury. Gentle exercise builds up weak muscles and bone. When used as part of a regular routine walkers can build strength and physical ability. Walkers can be used to help to focus and concentrate a horse on the task at hand before a ride as they are tacked up and lead from the stable.

Varieties of horse walkers

There are many types and brands of walkers to choose from however they all share a number of features in common. Some can handle up to four to six horses at a time. There are horse walkers on the market, which can handle the exact number of horses you require.

Common models of horse walkers can be flat packed or readily assembled on site. Though there are also some which can be brought alongside fencing and roofs to meet some specifications. Various controls and speeds can also be included amongst the many features including reverse as well as forward motion.

High end horse walkers are especially designed to take the pressure off every part of the horse that is prone to injury. They are perfect for horses that are recovering from injury or illness to help them build up their stamina and strength though gentle exercise. This equipment also prevents bucking especially in more open areas. It is important to ensure the horse has enough open space to relax especially during long sessions.

Safety must be an important consideration, always take time to read and understand the safety instructions that come with any piece of equipment. You can also seek the advice from experts who will be familiar with all safety issues of horse walkers. You need to ensure that your horse and handler are totally happy and confident when using a horse walker.


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