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Equestrian Colleges

One of the most important pieces of horse care equipment is the grooming kit. It is important to keep you horse in good condition and grooming plays an important part in this. After all condition plays a part in determining how well a horse performs whatever the task. Many tasks also require a horse and rider to look their very best. There are many different pieces of grooming equipment and many different options owners can choose to go for when decide how to care for their horses.

Grooming is essential for removing ticks and other skin parasites a horse might pick up as well as removing dirt and debris from the coat, helping to keep the coat in excellent condition. Grooming being a social activity helps to build and strengthen the bond between horse and rider. It also provides an opportunity for a rider to check the horse over for any cuts, scratches or minor injuries. It also has the added health benefit of stimulating the skin and increasing blood circulation.


The grooming kit consists of various brushes and combs which are used to brush the coat and keep it clean. Each is different and specifically designed for a specific purpose. Here are the main items and basic brushes and combs your grooming kit should contain:

Dandy Brush

This brush has long bristles and is used to remove loose dirt from the surface of the coat; it is generally used on the least sensitive part of the horse.

Body Brush

These are general all purpose brushes used to do the bulk of the work. They are hard or soft depending upon your requirements. They have leather backs and are used to remove oil and grease from the horses coat and as their name suggests are used all over the horse’s body including sensitive areas.

Metal Curry Comb

This is not a brush used on the horse but rather one which is used to remove hair and dirt from the body brush as you work.

Rubber Curry Comb

These are used on the horse’s mane and tail to untangle knots and remove any dirt.

Water Brush

This is used to apply water to the horses coat during grooming as necessary. This dampening and wetting of the coat may be needed to remove stubborn dirt.

Mane Comb

A comb used on the mane and tail that can be either metal or plastic. There are a few variations on this comb depending upon its exact purpose. Short metal combs are used for pulling manes and others are used when cutting manes.

Hoof Picks

Hoof picks are very important as they allow you to get out any small stones or other debris which might lodge in the hoof of your horse. Often these are minor very small objects but if they cause damage it can lead to infection and lameness.

Cotton Sponge

Used for cleaning delicate areas around the eyes, ears and nose as well as minor wounds.

Sweat Scraper

This is used to remove any excessive sweat and water from you horse.

Stale Rubber

This finial item is a piece of leather used to literally give you horses coat a polish and shine. It is used to finish off at the end of a grooming session.

Grooming or Kit box

This is any container or bag where you kit is stored whilst not in use. It makes sure all items are kept together in one place and not lost.



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