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Why should you hire a company for the transportation of your horses?

Horse transportation has become a very engaging business nowadays. A lot of companies have arisen, and they are offering hundreds of mind blowing offers for the carriage of the horses. It is not questioning why there is a want of horses in almost every countries of the world. Horses are not just ideal for entertainment they are useful enough to comply during various field and industrial works. horse transport companies

For this reason, many countries of the world are asking for improved bred from countries like Spain. But what will you do if you want to send your horse from Spain to the USA? You surely need some transportation for the horse. Here comes the usage of transport of horses.


Having a good breed horse and riding it around the house can be a matter of pleasure to the owner but some of them want to display the ability, speed, and grace of their horses on the national and international level by taking part in various competitions. But how will you attend a horse race? How will you carry your horse from your house to another place? Most of the competitions take place throughout the whole country and even if the venue is close, you still need some equipment to move your horse from one location to another. Horse transport companies are not always “cheap”. It can be bes to go by the old adage that you get what you pay for. Often the total weight of the box, as well as the horse, results in the usage of more fuel and in this way, the cost becomes more. Some owners share stables, and they can share the transport together too and in this way, the total cost of the transport decreases. A partnership or syndication between one owner and the other helps to reduce the cost of carrying the horse. For example, even if one of the owners buys a horse box in partnership with the other one then come to a share agreement or even rent a horsebox together they can it help them to share the cost of both fuel and the horsebox and as a result, they will not need to spend a lot of dollars for this purpose.
If the buying of a horsebox is expensive, you can always contact the professional people who give door to door horse carrying service. A lot of things come with thins service from keeping an eye on the safety of the horse to the proper feeding of the horse everything is done by the professional people. You just need to find the best one who provides service at a very reasonable price. But always remember to do a cost per mile comparison so that the company cannot rip you off and it is better for you too. Companies that are used for regular haulage keep their cost low so it can be a good option for the owner of the horse.


When was the last time you wore a watch? I don’t see many young people wearing them these days, their functionality seems to have been rendered obsolete since our phones are everpresent within the radius of our elbows. When I do see folks wearing them, it seems to be a very deliberate choice. While they used to seem ubiquitous, watches have (in my observation) taken on a kind of refined or classic aesthetic. Does the most interesting man in the world wear a watch? Absolutely.


I haven’t worn a watch in probably two decades and until today, I never fancied myself wearing one again. I have sort of a traumatic history with them; the faces of my favorites were always smashed brutally or they just evaporated right off of my wrist. One way or another things always ended poorly between us, and certainly worse for the watch. Nowadays, I pretty much only wear accessories that are resilient enough to survive my general tornado-self and that would have to be pried off of my body with serious effort (and maybe a little melted butter).

The Horse, A collection of classic leather footwear, timepieces and hand crafted accessories designed in Sydney, Australia – has made me want to wear a watch again. Their designs are fantastic, and the name of the brand just adds to the appeal. I am a sucker for anything done in chestnut color leather. My purse, favorite heels, belts, and “someday” riding boots are all chestnut brown.

Check’em out. The matte grey face has a certain boldness and masculinity to it. It’s my favorite with the rose gold coming in a close second.

Horse Property Tip

When buying a horse property, it is important to utilize the services of a Realtor or agent who is familiar with horses and their environments. So often agents do not believe that there is any distinction between selling horse properties or houses in-town. Many of them are not sure of the difference between a round pen and a square peg. Having a specialist on your side can make a huge difference to both the neophyte horse owner and the professional horseperson when they go to buy property.


The property aspects that agents should help their clients evaluate are, for the most part, clearly defined in EquestrianLIVING’s web site listing information. The type of soil, the size of stalls and arenas, the water source and waste disposal system, access to trail systems, among so many other things, are all critical components that affect the suitability of a property for a horse owner’s intended use.

When agents speak “horse”, it will save you time and help you avoid mistakes. Their familiarization with the key elements that create value for horse property buyers is a total benefit because they know the right questions to ask. Marketing sites like EquestrianLIVING assist even non-horse property agents in asking those questions of their sellers, improving their skill level greatly. This allows equestrians to sort-out appropriate properties to view much faster. That’s a win-win!

Equestrians Singles

The aim for many single animal and horse lovers is to find a partner who shares their passion and interests. This may not seem like a big deal for some people but for those whose animals play a big part in their lives and spend a lot of their time with their animals a partner who dislikes animals or resents the amount of time they take up will lead to a fractious relationship. Horses in particular take up a huge amount of time needing to be cleaned out, groomed, fed, watered ridden and exercised daily. Some partners will be jealous of all this time and devotion, however having a partner who shares your love of horses will not only mean you have a shared interest but can spend time together with horses. Single horse lovers find they have much more in common with other like minded people, but where to find them?


Obviously horse shows and competitions are primary venues for equestrians and horse lovers to meet. Many communities have local horse shows and events and there are many local horse groups which hold regular meetings and events. These events provide many opportunities for horse lovers to meet and mingle.

Unfortunately these are often competitive events and so it is often difficult to find love. Horse riding is highly competitive. Such competition often puts a dampener on any romantic feelings in such an arena.

There are websites where horse lovers can meet other single like minded people and men and women can chat. These online dating websites have been responsible for many couples finding true love. The site works by asking singles to sign on and register their details to create a profile. Or if you have a webcam you can include a video message and or photo. This profile is added to the site database which other members can browse. If a member is interested in a particular person they can send messages and possibly arrange to meet in person if things go well.

Apart from this regular online dating service some sites offer match making services. This involves using you profile and other information you provide to find other members who may be a perfect match. Once they have found a potential match they will arrange a meeting or a date.

Some websites are more like social networking sites allowing those who have an interest in horses can meet to chat, exchange ideas and discuss their passion. Upcoming events, competitions and shows are posted on the site allowing people to know what horse events are going on in their area. These sites contain forums and chat rooms which provide ample opportunities for people to meet and interact.

A word of warning it is very important to think carefully before giving out personal details over the internet. Details like home and work addresses should never be given until you are sure you trust the other person. Unfortunately there is no real way of knowing that the person you are talking to is who they say they are or what their intentions are. It is entirely up to your own personal judgment when and to whom you reveal your details. Trust your instincts and take into account any details you gather as this is all you have to go on. If something in your gut doesn’t quite trust them then it is best to avoid giving personal information and possibly cease contact altogether. It is important to be attentive and investigate the background of the other person as far as possible.

Like horses that need to be fed and nurtured so do relationships. Both have their own specific needs and meeting equestrian singles is just the beginning of a relationship. Relationships require work and if you want a deeper meaning full relationship you have to put in the effort. It is important to keep trying, keep looking, and you will find that perfect someone to share your love with.

Equestrian Equipment

There are many people who are extremely fond of their pets, from cats and dogs to horses. Ranches are common across the world. Though many horses are kept for work (either for pleasure riding, sports, agricultural or other kinds of work) the fondness of owners for their working horses is often just as great. As beginners to rearing and raising a horse seek formal training, they seek to become fully fledges equestrians also. A vital part of this training includes becoming familiar with various pieces of horse equipment and their proper use. Two basic pieces of equipment you will need to know about early on are the horse walker and horse tack.


Horse walker for equestrian exercise

For the serious equestrian a horse walker is an essential and extremely important tool. So what are the many benefits a horse walker brings to your horse care regime? A walker is a piece of equipment which helps you to save time when exercising your horse, practicing or helping them to cool down after a hard day’s ride. Horse walkers can be used for a variety of reasons; walkers are also useful in halter breaking and gentle exercise when recovering after illness or injury. Gentle exercise builds up weak muscles and bone. When used as part of a regular routine walkers can build strength and physical ability. Walkers can be used to help to focus and concentrate a horse on the task at hand before a ride as they are tacked up and lead from the stable.

Varieties of horse walkers

There are many types and brands of walkers to choose from however they all share a number of features in common. Some can handle up to four to six horses at a time. There are horse walkers on the market, which can handle the exact number of horses you require.

Common models of horse walkers can be flat packed or readily assembled on site. Though there are also some which can be brought alongside fencing and roofs to meet some specifications. Various controls and speeds can also be included amongst the many features including reverse as well as forward motion.

High end horse walkers are especially designed to take the pressure off every part of the horse that is prone to injury. They are perfect for horses that are recovering from injury or illness to help them build up their stamina and strength though gentle exercise. This equipment also prevents bucking especially in more open areas. It is important to ensure the horse has enough open space to relax especially during long sessions.

Safety must be an important consideration, always take time to read and understand the safety instructions that come with any piece of equipment. You can also seek the advice from experts who will be familiar with all safety issues of horse walkers. You need to ensure that your horse and handler are totally happy and confident when using a horse walker.


Equestrian Colleges

One of the most important pieces of horse care equipment is the grooming kit. It is important to keep you horse in good condition and grooming plays an important part in this. After all condition plays a part in determining how well a horse performs whatever the task. Many tasks also require a horse and rider to look their very best. There are many different pieces of grooming equipment and many different options owners can choose to go for when decide how to care for their horses.

Grooming is essential for removing ticks and other skin parasites a horse might pick up as well as removing dirt and debris from the coat, helping to keep the coat in excellent condition. Grooming being a social activity helps to build and strengthen the bond between horse and rider. It also provides an opportunity for a rider to check the horse over for any cuts, scratches or minor injuries. It also has the added health benefit of stimulating the skin and increasing blood circulation.


The grooming kit consists of various brushes and combs which are used to brush the coat and keep it clean. Each is different and specifically designed for a specific purpose. Here are the main items and basic brushes and combs your grooming kit should contain:

Dandy Brush

This brush has long bristles and is used to remove loose dirt from the surface of the coat; it is generally used on the least sensitive part of the horse.

Body Brush

These are general all purpose brushes used to do the bulk of the work. They are hard or soft depending upon your requirements. They have leather backs and are used to remove oil and grease from the horses coat and as their name suggests are used all over the horse’s body including sensitive areas.

Metal Curry Comb

This is not a brush used on the horse but rather one which is used to remove hair and dirt from the body brush as you work.

Rubber Curry Comb

These are used on the horse’s mane and tail to untangle knots and remove any dirt.

Water Brush

This is used to apply water to the horses coat during grooming as necessary. This dampening and wetting of the coat may be needed to remove stubborn dirt.

Mane Comb

A comb used on the mane and tail that can be either metal or plastic. There are a few variations on this comb depending upon its exact purpose. Short metal combs are used for pulling manes and others are used when cutting manes.

Hoof Picks

Hoof picks are very important as they allow you to get out any small stones or other debris which might lodge in the hoof of your horse. Often these are minor very small objects but if they cause damage it can lead to infection and lameness.

Cotton Sponge

Used for cleaning delicate areas around the eyes, ears and nose as well as minor wounds.

Sweat Scraper

This is used to remove any excessive sweat and water from you horse.

Stale Rubber

This finial item is a piece of leather used to literally give you horses coat a polish and shine. It is used to finish off at the end of a grooming session.

Grooming or Kit box

This is any container or bag where you kit is stored whilst not in use. It makes sure all items are kept together in one place and not lost.